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FREE Calls to Sri Lanka (Landline or Mobile Phones) Using Jaxtr
1.Goto site.
2.Get a local number using your number and receving partly number. Local number is local to both of you even though you can be from different countries.
3.You call that local number.
4.Receving party get a text message that you are trying to call them (or you can use FREE SMS to send the receiving part that you waiting for them to dial the local number you provided; Or you can use Evaphone (shown above) to make a quick free direct call and let them know you are waiting for them to connect to Jaxtr).
5.Receiving party dials their local number and connect both of you for unlimited mintues.
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FREE Calls to Pakistan (Land or Mobile Phones) Using Evaphone

All you need is a COMPUTER, INTERNET, HEADSET to start making free VoIP calls.
This absolutely free online application which allows you to make PC-to-phone international calls using a browser only.
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