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FREE Calls to Pakistan (Mobile and Landline Phones) Using Jaxtr
You and your friend needs to get local number. Getting FREE local Jaxtr numbers for you and your friends around the world is simple!
1.The first time only, tell us the name and phone number of the friend you want to call
2.You are given a new Jaxtr phone number for each friend that is yours to use forever. Save it in the address book on your phone!
3.Whenever you want to talk to your friend, dial the new local Jaxtr number for that friend instead of the old long distance or international number.
We would personally recommend if you have a computer with broadband connection and admin rights to install programs, install freecalls and dial number directly off the computer. Our second choice would be Jaxtr.
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FREE Calls to Pakistan (Land or Mobile Phones) Using Evaphone

All you need is a COMPUTER, INTERNET, HEADSET to start making free VoIP calls.
This absolutely free online application which allows you to make PC-to-phone international calls using a browser only.
Webphone is a simple way to make Free high quality long distance phone calls to any landline or mobile telephone number across the world.
It connects two people from any of your PC, through Internet. No contract, no software.
Webphone works from your web-broswer. It's easy to use and the savings are instant. Calls can be made on the Internet with Webphone.